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PostPosted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 11:41 pm 

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Hi everybody ,

This topic was put in the arab forum by Dr. Hassan Salama so , all his copyrights are reserved .

This is a link to the original text : ... 75&start=0" onclick=";return false;

I'm astonished by the amazing ability of parakeets to talk and communicate through words . So I decided to put this topic for teaching parakeets how to talk . It works for all but here I'm going to talk specifically about budgies and that's because of the following reasons :

1- It's availability and affordable price

2- Its beauty and easy enjoyable breeding .

3- It's delight colors and mutations and enjoyable genetics .

4- Budgies are fragile and sweet birds and it doesn't require a big deal of care even during breeding , which make it suitable for children to keep as pets .

5- Its marvelous ability of talking whether a male or a female bird besides being friendly and affectionate with his human companion .

Now I'll share my experience through Tweety one of my budgies .

Tweety is a handfed budgie at age 15-20 days . After being weaned Tweety was left alone away from other bird for 20 days , within that period I used to get him out of his cage for 10 – 15 minutes twice a day to play with him . I used to feed him from my hands , and I kept on saying ( Peace upon you ) without any other words or whistles interference . I told him that word when he was standing on my hand face to face before giving him a treat . Every time I passed next to his cage I said that phrase . I never used to make him hungry to perform , he had his favorite bread , water and seeds , and his favorite seeds was eaten from my hand as a treat .
At the age of 3 months he was able to say it and when he was perfectly saying it I started to teach him another words .

The following points are very important regarding this topic :

1- It's better to have a handfed bird no matter its gender knowing that males are better ( to avoid egg laying problems ) .

2- After weaning it's advised to put the bird alone away from any other bird .

3- As for the food seeds and bread that the bird is used to eat daily are put in the cage but the other favorite seeds are kept as treats .

4- The bird should be let out of its cage at least twice a day for playing and treats , and before letting the bird out of the cage we tell him the phrase we want .

5- After letting him out we repeat that word with the same tone more than once with the bird face to face .

6- Every time we pass near the cage we say that word .

7- Never teach your bird any other words or whistle before saying the first word perfectly .

8- The first word is the most difficult word and once the bird learns it the next will be very easy .

9- Don't push your bird as it will start talking at the age of three months .

10- The differences between birds are little and the abnormality is kept in birds that don't talk or talk thousands of word .

Budgies have an incredible gift which is " talking " . The reason why it's incredible is the small size of the bird and its affordable price .

All parakeets can learn to talk by using this method .

Best wishes and good luck :)

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 11:31 am 
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Thank you very much dear Mahseh

Working together sharing experience and knowledge.
Travailler ensemble le partage d'expérience et de connaissances.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 06, 2008 12:07 am 

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You are always welcome dear friend :)

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