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PostPosted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 12:25 am 

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Hi everybody !

In this topic we'll discuss training bases . In every field of life psychological side is the first issue to work on . After that we move to gaining skills . And that’s exactly what are we going to do in this method .

To psychologically prepare the parrot , it shouldn’t be under any stress that causes anxiety . And we can over come that stress by choosing the best safe place for the parrot's cage to be in .

Where sudden changes , dangers and scary things never exist . For example : the kitchen , the bathroom and the terrace aren't good or healthy places for the parrot . It must live in a quiet place inside the home , that doesn’t mean insulating him from people contact . Besides , the bird should get an undisturbed 12 – 14 hours sleep daily .


We should provide the bird with all nutritional elements like : vitamins , mineral salts , proteins , fats and carbohydrates , and its way better to support him with such elements from natural sources like veggies , calcareous , hardboiled eggs , seeds and fruits . Which helps the bird to understand and perform better .

The last procedure is to care for the hygiene of the cage , by cleaning it weekly . And we shouldn't forget the parrots daily bath in summer , and three days a week in winter .

By doing the previous procedures , we avoid any stress that could happen to the bird resulting in birds bad behavior during the training process . And as long as the bird is stressed he won't accept the training and bites a lot .

After making sure that the psychological side is ok , we start training the parrot the easy stuff then the difficult stuff gradually . The golden advice for training is " Patience " . As the parrot won't be trained in two seconds , it must take its time . Parrots can't concentrate continuously during training sessions , so its better to train them three days a week and each training session shouldn't exceed 15 minutes ; not to cause the parrots to get bored . Encouragement and praising speeds the training process , and this can be through treats , or words like : good boy or so . This drives us to another idea which is rewarding the good behavior and ignoring the bad one . Parrots like drama , so when a bad behavior occurs from them like : biting , screaming or pinching ; we must not overreact , we ignore that behavior and go away leaving the parrot alone for a while . That way the parrot knows that whenever he does that he will be ignored and he will be alone .

Next time we will start our first training lesson and we'll learn the step up command .

Good luck for every one ! Bye for now !

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