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PostPosted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 12:20 am 

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Hi everybody ,

In this topic we'll discuss the difference between taming and training .


Taming is the process of domesticating the bird . So that the bird considers humans as members of its species , besides feeling familiar towards humans . After taming , the bird trusts humans , doesn't get afraid if handled and responds to a human when he plays with him . Most likely taming process starts as soon as the bird hatches until it's a month old . This is considered the stage in which the parrot starts to form his character and to explore what's going on . The parrot then knows the person who cares for him and considers him its parent . As a result the parrot imitates his " parent " , trusts him and obeys him . The best way to have a tame bird is to handfeed him from his earliest youth .


Training is the stage that follows taming . It's mostly applied when the bird is over a month old . Training means teaching the bird how to talk , do funny tricks , sing , count and many other funny things that a human can do . So as a human goes to school when he is a child , training is the parrots school .

Some people don't train their parrots and just settle for taming . On one hand they won't be able to have fun with their trained bird , but on the other hand they would see baby birds hatching . This is because trained birds don’t really tend to lay eggs or even reproduce and that keeps the boat balanced .

This topic is the beginning of a series of topics under the title " Steps for training your parrot " which reveals easy ways anyone can use to train his lovely parrot . It's all from my own experience in taming and training my parrots .

I hope everybody enjoys his bird company !!

Till the next topic .. , bye for now

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